Cyberattacks on government agencies have reached unprecedented proportions

Yaroslav Bogdanov, Сhairman of the Board of the Fund for Protection of Investors' Rights in Foreign States

The threatening situation with the growth of cybercrime requires the immediate creation of legal systems to regulate processes related to the development of digital technologies and global information security (ISI). This was stated by Yaroslav Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of the Fund for Protection of Investors' Rights in Foreign States.

According to a study by IT company Positive Technologies, the number of cyber attacks worldwide increased by 0.3% in the second quarter of 2021. At the same time, the share of hacker attacks on government agencies increased from 12% to 20% of total attacks on different kinds of organizations.

Attackers are increasingly targeting not only the personal data of ordinary citizens, but also the structures responsible for the functioning of entire industries. This jeopardizes the fundamental state management systems, said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

— Cyber-attacks on key objects have reached unprecedented proportions. It is practically impossible to succeed in solving this problem alone. It is necessary to combine technological and human resources at the global level. This can be done on the platform of the international non-governmental organization Global Digital Alliance (GDA), — said the lawyer.

The course toward digitalization, particularly evident in the context of the pandemic, raises issues of global cybersecurity. This goal cannot be achieved without the creation of reliable legal instruments that allow the introduction of digital technologies in all spheres of life, subject to international law.

— The way to successful solution of the issues related to global cybersecurity lies exclusively in the plane of dialogue between the widest range of participants - representatives of state institutions and IT-sector, who, through negotiations, identification of problems, formation of rules, can ensure successful digital development of the world in the current reality, — said Yaroslav Bogdanov.

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