Vitalik Buterin's Ethereum will change rules in crypto industry

Yaroslav Bogdanov, Сhairman of the Board of the Fund for Protection of Investors' Rights in Foreign States

Vitalik Buterin has everything to squeeze modern IT giants: the original Ethereum technology, the Russian scale of thought and … youth. This opinion was expressed by Yaroslav Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of Fund for Protection of Investors' Rights in Foreign States, in a conversation with the Foreign Economic Relations.

— Recognition by experts that his developments will become not just basis for blockchain reformatting, but also foundation for a new eco-environment. At the same time, the very essence of Ethereum implies open cooperation, which distinguishes Vitalik’s developments from global cryptocolonialists and "digital supervisors" like Zuckerberg, says expert.

Vitalik Buterin
Vitalik Buterin

Earlier, Pekka Kelkka, a digital marketer, cryptoinvestment consultant and CEO of YeFi, said that Ethereum will become a major game changer in global business in the near future.

— It’s going to be a "global computer." It will be bigger than AWS, Azure, and Google combined, Kelkka believes.

Cryptoeconomics is becoming reality. This is evidenced by the growing demand for digital currency, the work of some states to enshrine it in law, the arrival of new major investors, including IT market giants. And the only weak link in this chain is the lack of legislative framework in the cryptoindustry, Yaroslav Bogdanov believes. The Global Digital Alliance, an independent non-profit organization previously described by the expert, aims to organize interaction between companies, corporations and scientific teams in the field of high technology.

— GDA plans to establish cooperation with Buterin, because they have similar ideas of social structure and mission of IT-industry in the modern world," said Yaroslav Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of the Fund for Protection of Investors' Rights in Foreign States.

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